We require our applicants to state in exhaustive detail their personal circumstances. 

Information about the maid herself, plus her loved ones & more

Contact numbers, provincial and city addresses, we got all those on record. We even get their email and online accounts.

We also extend this scrutiny to their immediate loved-ones. Yes, we also got the whereabouts and numbers of their spouses or boyfriends. Add to the list their best friends, dependents and even their barangay captain. We ask for these people's occupations, work addresses and numbers. And yep, we get their emails and online accounts too.

Information about past employers and schools

We also get the contact numbers of our maids' past employers and schools, just so to have someone to confirm their claims. 

Complete addresses, contact numbers, emails, periods of stay, we get all these confirmed.

Willing and exhaustive enough?

We use the maid’s willingness to share exhaustive background information in assessing her trustworthiness.

We do all these so the dreaded won't happen. And should it arise, we know where to scour.