A preview of our Training Manual

One of a kind

We teach all the critical stuff, plus more. We prepare our maids for all the things you require of them. Our training program cover subjects that you don't normally expect from a maid manual, yet subjects that are indispensable for a well-performing, holistic maid. So comprehensive our program is, it dwarfs the TESDA Domestic Helper curriculum. For instance, first-aid and emergency instructions are a must.

"It is designed with a purely practical approach using simple Filipino language."


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Simple Filipino language

We made the training instruction lean and engaging. We strategically avoided designing the training instruction in English, and veered away from jargon and abstract concepts.  As most of our maids have not even finished high school, we can't expect too much from their comprehension. The key? Simple Filipino language. We make sure our maids understand


We get our maids' hands dirty

Confucius said, “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” We have designed the training instruction in a purely practical approach so that our maids would understand. We therefore keep the lecture and readings to a minimum, but the exercises to the max. We do not bore our maids with inefficient lectures.



As an overview, our training program covers:

Warning: It's a lot.

  • Personal hygiene and presentation
    • includes proper hand-washing
  • Good manners and right conduct, includes:
    • good habits
    • work prudence
    • the right state of mind
    • discipline
    • the right attitude
    • proper decorum and etiquette
    • on gossiping, don't
    • about using one’s cellphone
    • general reminders
  • Core competencies
    • Maid core competencies
      • familiarisation of kitchen and other household utensils and tools
      • table setting
      • how to serve food and drinks
      • bed making
      • general cleaning skills and techniques, and scheduling of tasks
        • cleaning the toilet and schedule of tasks
        • washing dishes
        • cleaning the appliances
        • cleaning the kitchen and schedule of tasks
        • cleaning the bedroom and schedule of tasks
        • cleaning the dining room and schedule of tasks
        • cleaning the living room and schedule of tasks
      • kitchen management
      • laundry, ironing and folding clothes
    • Yaya core competencies
      • different ways of carrying an infant
      • breast and formula milk management and administration
      • changing of nappies
      • bathing, includes sponge bathing
      • putting clothes on an infant
      • putting the baby to sleep
      • general caring guide
        • the gentle approach
        • how to keep the ward vibrant and healthy
        • how to handle ill wards
        • how to feed
        • general guide on ward sleep and rest
        • how to protect ward from things that can harm her (him)
        • guide on specific tasks on ward
      • guide when going out
        • guide on required tasks
        • guide on safety precautions
        • specific guide when in a restaurant
        • specific guide when in a swimming area
        • being vigilant against kidnappers
        • guide on visiting a playmate’s home
  • First aid and emergencies
    • choking first aid, including for infants, toddlers and adults
    • general basic first aids
      • nosebleeding
      • dog bite
      • food poisoning
      • haemorrhage and sprains
      • bone fractures
      • shocks
      • falls and crashes
      • sunburns and skin burns
      • wounds
    • handling pregnancy and infant delivery
    • the right attitude and state of mind in emergencies and conducting first aid
    • the importance of calmness and decisiveness
    • CPR, includes for infants and toddlers
    • guide in earthquakes and fires
    • emergency numbers
  • Other specialty skills
    • washing and cleaning a car
    • answering the telephone
    • entertaining visitors
    • packing clothes in a luggage
  • General dos and don’ts
  • And more