As detailed as information gets

We're probing. We dig through the details to get as much personal information as we can from our maids. The result? You get the maid who perfectly matches your needs.


Not only do we ask a maid what level of education she has finished, we ask about her scholastic honours, special awards and extracurricular activities. Organisation officership, varsity membership and competition participation are matters of much interest.

So when you need a yaya whom you could depend on with the intellectual, emotional and physical development of your child, we would know which maid is perfect for the job.


We require exacting details about our maid's employment history. For instance, does her job involve helping her ward with assignments?

So when you need a yaya who can assist your child with homeworks, we would know the perfect one for you.

Seminars and trainings

We proactively ask our maids about the seminars and trainings they've attended. For instance, has the maid attended a computer literacy seminar? They sometimes fail to mention it. (They don't necessarily know how to make a rich resume, you know.)

So when you're looking for a maid who could look up recipes in the internet, you know you've searched in the right place.


“Can you do a professional massage?” We ask questions like that to book massage junkies like you a treat.


"Can you play a ukulele? Sing? Ballet?" Our maids don't fail to surprise us.

We ask these kind of questions so the yaya we'll give you will not leave your child bored. We got the perfect talent for the performance.