No ailment gets a pass

Medical screening

Our applicants undergo a medical screening procedure that ensures their fitness to work. The examinations include tests for communicable diseases, x-ray and blood testing. The procedures are performed to give you a reasonable assurance that your family's health will not be compromised.

The tests can detect serious illnesses. Tuberculosis (TB), hepatitis, heart enlargement and other serious ailments don't get a pass.

We outsource our medical screening process with New World Diagnostics, the Philippines's premier medical and diagnostics centre.

We keep the cuckoos away

Psychological screening is the only maid agency that implements psychological screening on its maids.

We keep those who do not have the right state of mind at bay. A maid's attitude is profiled to see if she is fit to work in a household working environment.

Clinical psychological examination is expertly provided by doctors at the Manila Doctors Hospital.

(By special request only.)