Some maids just can't settle with one employer. It's our job to prevent that from happening with the maid we give you.

Discover how our risk-based background investigation operates to do just that. Read on.


Risk Assessment

To separate the maid who stays from the one who doesn't, we consider these risk factors:


The maid’s overall demeanour during her application and throughout her stay with us


The maid’s readiness to submit personal ID’s and documents 


The maid’s attitude towards work based on her past employments, reasons for leaving those employments, work preferences and aspirations in life

Our solution

This is how we make sure you'll get a maid who stays:


We evaluate the maid’s attitude towards work and identify her work preferences.

As you may have learned in our fifth standard of hiring, maids leave employment likely because they are deployed in a wrong household. To ensure that the maids end up with the right home, we collect extensive information about our maids' attitude towards work and work preferences. This includes durations of their past employments, reasons for leaving and aspirations in life. 

This allows us to place the maid in an employment where she will be satisfied. If she's content, she'll stay.


We employ a series of measures to ensure that the maid will stay.

  • In the recruitment contract they enter with us, the maids may be sanctioned when they leave their employment prematurely. 
  • Under Batas Kasambahay, the maid’s unpaid wages will be forfeited if she leaves her employment unjustifiably. We make sure she understands that.
  • Our training program is replete with reminders and warnings that the maid should not leave her employment on her whim, or she may suffer the legal consequences. 


Our training program also teaches the maid how to adopt a positive attitude and state of mind to make herself love her work. If she loves her work, she'll stay.


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