Skin disease, does standard medical exams check for it? Likely not. But you don't want a yaya with it, do you? That is why  we do our best to give you maids who are completely healthy for the job.

Discover how our risk-based background investigation operates to do just that. Read on.


Risk Assessment

This is how we separate the healthy and fit maids from those who can't meet the health needs of your family. We consider the following risk factors:


The maid may have diseases and deficiencies that are incompatible with household work, which diseases and deficiencies are not checked by standard medical tests.

Sometimes standard medical examinations are not enough. They fail to check for some ailments that would otherwise render a maid unfit to meet the peculiar needs of household work. These diseases and physical deficiencies seem to be negligible in the context of an ordinary employment, but are critical in a maid's nature of work.

In a household working environment, maids get in contact with your family and your food. That is why it is important to ensure that a maid is completely healthy for the job. Do you want a cook with skin problems? Do you want a yaya with hearing deficiencies? We don't think so. Yet standard employment medical exams fail to check for them.


The maid’s overall demeanor during her application and throughout her stay with us

Our solution

This is how we make sure you get a completely healthy and fit maid:


We ourselves assess a maid's health condition, and ask her to make a declaration of her health and physical condition and history under pain of sanctions 

Along with our professional standard medical examinations, we perform our own assessment of a maid’s health and physical condition. We inspect thoroughly.

Plus, we ask them to make a declaration of their medical history, including current and past diseases and physical deficiencies. If they lie, they pay a fine.

With these steps, we are able to uncover seemingly negligible ailments like skin fungal infections and partial hearing impairment. Ailments and deficiencies not covered by ordinary medical tests, but flaws you don’t want your yaya or maids to have nonetheless.