Some maids just can't do the job. We hire only those who can.

Discover how our risk-based background investigation operates to do just that. Read on.


Risk Assessment

To separate the real-deals from the pretenders, we consider these risk factors:


The inherent risk of the maid turning out to be incompetent despite our screening


The maid’s overall demeanor during her application and throughout her stay with us

Our solution

This is how we make sure our maids can.

We train our maids

We have developed a comprehensive training program that prepares our maids for all the challenges and emergencies at home. It is designed in a purely practical instruction so they'll understand.

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Get a FREE copy of our Training Manual when you hire a maid

You'll get a copy of the most comprehensive yet practical maid & yaya training manual when you hire a maid from us.  You'll get the same manual we use to train our maids.

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