Some maids are just evil. We do our best to keep them where they belong—not at your home.

Discover how our risk-based background investigation operates to do just that. Read on.


Risk assessment

For us to separate the good maid from the bad, we consider the following risk factors:


The inherent risk factor that the maid will submit fake documents

Most household thefts are perpetrated by maids who submit fake application documents. The ease of procuring these fake documents in the Philippines is an infamy. Try getting a trip to Recto.


The maid’s overall demeanour during her application and throughout her stay with us


The maid’s readiness to submit personal ID’s and documents 


The maid’s willingness to provide exhaustive information about herself or that of her contacts


The consistency in and sensibility of the information the maid provided 

To illustrate, we check for overlapping and/or unreasonable dates in a maid's employment or schooling periods, considering the dates provided and her age. For instance, a maid may state that from 2000-2004, she attended high school and from 2003-2006, she worked for a certain employer. The 2003-2004 overlap of her high school and employment should raise a red flag.  Another example, in the same situation above, say the applicant’s birth year is 1993. It is impossible for an 11-year old to enter high school in 2004. That should raise another red flag. 

Our solution

This is how we keep the bad maids from you.


We require our maids to procure their application documents anew (even if they already have them).

This is to ensure the docs are genuine. 

As you might have seen in our second standard of hiring, we require our maids to get their NBI, police and barangay clearances, birth certificates and other documents directly from the government offices; All those anew. As with the birth certificate, it should be from the National Statistics Office (NSO).


Risk-based background investigation combo

We do the following to make sure the maid is good, or somehow avert her bad plans:

  • We ask the maid to pinpoint in Google Maps all the addresses she provided. We check for signs of fabrication as she does.
  • We call all the numbers she provided to confirm and cross-confirm all the intricate information provided by the maid.
  • We add all the maid’s online accounts as a friend or contact.
  • We google-search her.
  • We call her past employers.
  • We ask for reasonable and convincing justifications for overlapping periods and unreasonable dates.
  • We call an officer in the maid’s barangay to confirm some information, and to discover how the maid is perceived in the community.
  • We observe the maid’s demeanor to gauge her truthfulness.
  • We visit the maid's address in person.


We familiarise the maid of the penal repercussions of the wrongdoings she may commit.

Our training program is replete with reminders that the maid's simple act may constitute a crime. We make it clear to her that things as trivial as employing corporal punishment (e.g., spanking a child), using abusive language, gossiping and stealing can send her to prison.


Our training program guides the maid how to adopt the right attitude and state of mind at work.

It reinforces her disposition to avoid wrongful acts.


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