We visit maids' addresses, call their past employers, google them... You canʼt imagine the pains we go through just to ensure your safety.

We employ a combination of innovative background investigation techniques based on our assessment of a maid’s probability of having the risks associated with employing him or her. We just cannot risk your safety.


What is risk-based approach to background investigation?

Risk-based approach to background investigation is a form of background investigation where we use a combination of background investigation techniques depending on our assessment of a maid’s probability of committing the risks attached to employing her (aka hiring risks).

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Click on any of the hiring risks on the left to learn how we assess and address each one of them.


How we assess the risk

Different risk factors affect the probability of these hiring risks happening to you. These risk factors are:

Inherent risk factors

  1. The maid submitting fake documents
  2. The maid having diseases and deficiencies that are incompatible with household work, which diseases and deficiencies are not discoverable by standard medical and psychological tests
  3. The maid turning out to be incompetent

Relative risk factors

  1. The maid’s overall demeanour during her application and throughout her stay with us
  2. The maid’s readiness to submit personal ID’s and documents 
  3. The maid’s willingness to provide exhaustive information about herself and about her contacts
  4. The maid’s consistency in providing information, and the sensibility of information provided. To illustrate, we check for overlapping and/or unreasonable dates in a maid's employment or schooling periods, considering the dates provided and her age. For instance, a maid may state that from 2000-2004, she attended high school and from 2003-2006, she worked for a certain employer. The 2003-2004 overlap of her high school and employment should raise a red flag.  Another example, in the same situation above, say the applicant’s birth year is 1993. It is impossible for an 11-year old to enter high school in 2004. That should raise another red flag. Whooh! #nerdsweating :D
  5. The maid’s attitude towards work, considering her past employments, reasons for leaving those employments, work preferences and aspirations in life

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