Our 3-step recruitment process

Step 1

Pass our 5 standards

Not only do we require our maids to produce all paperworks, we make sure they can do the job, they stay long and you stay safe.

Our minimum standards are:

Step 2

Risk-based background investigation

We visit maids' addresses, call their past employers, google them... You canʼt imagine the pains we go through just to ensure your safety.

We employ a combination of innovative background investigation techniques based on our assessment of a maid’s probability of having the risks associated with employing him or her. We just cannot risk your safety.

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Step 3

Comprehensive hands-on training

We teach all the critical stuff, plus more. We prepare our maids for all the things you require of them. Our training program even cover areas that are not contained in ordinary training programs like that of TESDA.  First-aid and emergency instructions are a must.

We also hone our maids to become deft in professional courtesy—that towards you and your guests alike.

For efficient and effective learning, we get our maids' hands dirty. We do not bore them with inefficient lectures. And by the way, our instructions are in simple Filipino. We make sure our maids understand; no jargon and abstractions.

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Get a FREE copy of our Training Manual when you hire a maid

You'll get a copy of the most comprehensive yet practical maid & yaya training manual when you hire a maid from us.  You'll get the same manual we use to train our maids.

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