Your maid's satisfaction is directly proportional to her length of stay.

Dissatisfaction. That is the common reason why maids leave employment. If a maid is not happy, nothing can force her to stay.

That is why we assess a maid’s attitude towards work and collect as much information as possible as to her work preferences. The duration of her past employments, reasons for leaving them and her aspirations in life are among the questions we ask. 

About her preferences, we ask about the tasks she is not willing to perform, for instance. (So when you need someone to take care of your puppy, we will not give you a Muslim. Many if not all of our Muslim brothers and sisters don’t like handling dogs.)

This allows us to gauge what kind of household would the maid be satisfied with. When she's satisfied, she'll stay. With this, you can be sure that the maid we give you will stay for a long time, if not forever.