Whether you got your helpers from a housemaid agency or not, the fact is there are expectations on your part as their employer. It's a relationship after all, and it is in the quality of this relationship that other factors will flourish such as the helpers' efficiency and effectiveness. For the employers, however, the struggle is real. Don't fret. Here are some ways to create the right environment for your househelp.

Communicate with them

Good relationships always start with good communication. Without keeping the communication lines open at all times, you are just alienating one another. Not a desirable situation because, in the end, your housemaids will only have resentment toward you. So, talk to them not to reprimand, but to get to know the person behind the uniform. You can do this on a regular basis like bi-weekly or monthly. 

Organize their duties

Household chores and responsibilities can be overwhelming for your househelp more so when they are confused whose work is which. Make sure that each of the housemaids and the rest of the staffers understand what their duties are. Another thing, make things easier for them by putting schedules and reminders in a visible place. In this way also, you'll never hear the lame excuse of forgetting to do something.

Standardize the rules

Every household has its own set of rules. However, you cannot impose a rule separately for the yayas, cooks and kasambahays or you'll only breed professional jealousy. The rules you set should apply to everyone. If the yayas are not allowed to watch TV beyond 10 pm, the kasambahays mustn't be allowed too. On the other end, rules can be broken for the benefit of everyone. For example, even if you strictly impose a Wednesday day off, if one of the maids need to go home on a Thursday because of a special occasion, allow the switch. 

Let them relax

Rest is crucial to regaining the energy lost in doing chores. This is particularly true after giving them a truly exhaustive task to tackle (i.e. after a house party, after putting up the Christmas décors, etc.). Give them an additional day-off if possible. Or, attend to their simple whims such as installing a TV in their quarters, buying them pocketbooks, allowing them to play Candy Crush on their phones - anything that can relax them especially during their breaktimes. 

Praise them whenever

Every one of us is capable of committing mistakes, and at times, it is one way of learning. But, this doesn't give you the reason to belittle your maid. Instead, make him or her understand why got mad and what should be done to avoid those situations. Make them understand what happened in a compassionate way. You can always criticize what was done and how it was done, but never the one who did it. Give them the chance to redeem themselves whenever. Offer suggestions on how to do and make things better. And whenever you caught a staff doing something great, don't scrimp on praises. 

Based on the discussions above, the most important way to make your househelpers happy is through creating the right environment. An environment that encourages them to voice out their concerns. An environment where everyone is treated fairly and squarely. An environment that allows them to relax. An environment wherein they can prove their worth. Humanize them and their situation and there'll be no reason for them to leave you.