Housekeeping is a tough job, but there is a handful who are willing to tackle it. For some, they bring in the attitude, skills, and experience they have already learned and built for years of providing service. For the inexperienced housemaid, however, how do you go about upskilling them? Some of you might contemplate whether to invest on upskilling your househelpers. Perhaps, you should because, in the end, you will reap all the benefits.

Below are some of the classes, workshops or seminars that you can enroll your housekeepers.

1) Health and safety basics

When it comes to the health and safety of your loved ones, there should be no compromises, what ifs and buts. Thus, it would be better to send your housemaids to those classes that aim to teach them basic first aid, disaster preparedness and specialized equipment utilization. The perfect example of the last is the proper storage and use of fire extinguisher. Now, they can handle other equipment, not just housekeeping tools. 

2) Values formation classes

Our househelpers are subject to specific incidences wherein they have to face unexpected visitors. They must be dignified at all times, and these classes can teach them professionalism and proper attitude. Since most of the staffers are ashamed of just being a maid, they must learn how to take pride in their profession. The dignity of work is something that all housemaids should learn.

3) Housekeeping duties basics

While every househelper may be assigned to specific duties, it would certainly help if you can get them certified basic housekeeping duties. Some good examples of the classes they can attend are baking, cooking, gardening, table setting and general cleaning. After the basic classes, you may have a choice to enroll them in advanced classes.

4) Hobby-related classes

If you want your staff to learn how to use their time productively, you may encourage them to start a hobby. Aside from the classes mentioned above such as baking and cooking, you may ask them whether they are interested in learning flower arrangement, styling, manicure/pedicure and dressmaking. They can use their learning in earning additional income for themselves and their loved ones.

5) Clerical basics

Now, for those housemaids or yayas who want to learn clerical basics, you may enroll them in workshops that teach basic typing, computer, secretarial work and communication skills. You'd never know when these skills will become handy especially for those stay-at-home moms who are also doing freelance jobs. Even for working parents, when their kids would need someone to help them in their Internet research, the yaya can always help them.

6) Driving lessons

In case of driver-related emergencies such as phoning in sick and your kids have an important occasion to attend, but you can't drive for them, the househelp can take over albeit temporarily. No driving lesson school will issue the certificate unless they are 100% sure that the person can actually drive; it'll be against their value and credibility.

These are the basics. It would be best to inculcate in your househelpers' mind the importance of personal growth. It doesn't only empower them, but it also enhances their self-worth. Nonetheless, it wouldn't hurt to ask them what they want to learn or improve on. Again, you are going to invest in them, so make sure that they have the drive and willingness to learn otherwise your efforts will be futile.