Deeply rooted in our culture, the Filipinos value core values so much to the extent of frowning upon socially unacceptable behaviors. Perhaps, you've witnessed a person disgracing himself or herself in the public – spitting on the street, letting a loud burp, nose picking, etc. What would it make you feel if you witnessed similar behaviors on your own household? Unfortunately, our maids and the rest of the household help are the most common culprit. 

So as not to reprimand the maid every time you caught her doing any of these unfavorable behaviors, be proactive about it. Teach her what she needs to learn about good manners and how she should properly conduct herself in front of other people. The agency she came from or her previous employer(s) can only do so much.

Why should you, you might ask. It's because, whether you obtained the maid from a maid agency in Manila or elsewhere or not, she will be treated as an extension of your family and household. The image she projects including how she conducts herself - may it be in public or not - will always be a reflection of your entire household.

Here are some GMRC lessons to teach her.

  1. Burping out loud especially in public is impolite. If you let out a burp that you can no longer hold, say “excuse me” or, better yet, excuse yourself and go to the bathroom.
  2. Resting your elbows on the table is improper and disrespectful especially when eating in another person's house or at a restaurant.
  3. Wiping your mouth using the sleeve of your shirt is unacceptable. Use the napkin.
  4. Keep your voice down when speaking to another person. Don't yell at the person or when you are talking to someone on your cellphone.
  5. Use the utensils provided to you, not your hands. 
  6. Always say “thank you,” “please,” “paki,” “po,” and “opo.”
  7. Always say “good morning,” “good afternoon” or “good evening” whichever is appropriate.
  8. Don't slurp your soup. Don't make any sound while eating particularly when chewing food. It's rude. Close your mouth when chewing.
  9. Don't talk when your mouth is full. It's very improper.
  10. Wash your hands before and after any meal. Make sure that your hands are clean.
  11. Wash your hands after using the restroom.
  12. Don't clip your nails where anyone in the house can see. Use the bathroom.
  13. Don't brush or comb your hair in public areas because hair flies around easily.
  14. Don't point at other people; it's rude to do so.
  15. Don't interrupt when someone's talking; it's ill-mannered and selfish. Wait for your turn or you can ask the person if you can speak.
  16. Turn away from the people and food if you need to sneeze, cough or fart.
  17. Don't pick your nose where anyone in the house can see. Again, do so in the bathroom.
  18. Don't talk behind other people's back. Don't gossip.
  19. Don't pick your tooth either. If you have to, go to the bathroom.
  20. Apologize if you did something wrong. Say “sorry” whenever needed.

These are life lessons – showing courtesy, respecting other's space and privacy, caring for other's interest, etc. There are proper venues to do your thing. Likewise, these are the things that we teach our kids. So, it won't be a bother if you'll get the maid included. The bottom-line is making her understand that her actions and reactions impact those people around her. The maid will thank you for letting her know how she should be and shouldn't be more so when she is in public.