You may have thought that we are more expensive than other maid agencies. Think again.


Other maid agencies collect “separate” (usually hidden) charges

Other maid agencies don’t adopt a single pricing, unlike ours. They collect separate (usually hidden) charges apart from the agency fee. These separate charges include medical fees, reimbursements of your maid’s birth certificate, NBI, police and barangay clearances,* and the list goes on and on.

If you consider these separate charges, hiring from other agencies is in fact more expensive. You'll realise that when they surprise you with the bill.

*Reimbursement of replacements' requirements and Value-Added Tax may be collected.

Other maid agencies collect the separate charges again upon replacement

When you ask for a replacement of your maid from other maid agencies, although some offer free replacements like us, they will again collect the separate charges from you.

They collect a replacement fee

If you are the unlucky who ended up with the worst maid agencies, you will be charged a replacement fee. That is unlike with us.

Talk about rip-off.


Only with us will you get a Training Manual

No other agency gives you a maid manual. Only with us will you get a copy of a maid training manual. That is, when you hire a maid from us. We'll give you the same manual we use to train our maids  the most comprehensive and only practical maid & yaya manual out there.

Discover our Training Manual →