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Pioneer found the maid agency industry slumbering when it joined the market in 2009. It was hard to find maids. Employers can't seem to find a maid agency. And when they find one, the service just doesn't address the concerns at home. Maids were stealing. Maids were incompetent. entered the market with one thing in mind – shake it up.

Go Digital. First. made it easy for employers to find maids. Before, employers have to sift through yellow pages, scan through paper classifieds or ask friends for referrals. The task was hard. The wait was long.

In 2009, embarked on a journey to the unchartered frontier of the digital world. Before us, there was no maid agency presence in the internet. was the first. We were the first to establish the earliest maid agency website in the Philippines, the first to set up online social accounts, the first to reach out to clients.

Overnight, it suddenly became easy to get a maid. Philippine homes suddenly got access to maids, the most convenient way. Suddenly, a family could now get a maid in less than a day.

Risk-Based Verification. First.

Before, the concept of background investigation was NBI clearance. That was it. It's as if a maid's background was only whether she has a criminal case filed in court.

A maid may steal, a maid may be incompetent. These risks can be gauged by a number factors like the maid's family background, place of origin, past employment, and even seemingly harmless signals like the contents of her luggage, the way she fills out the application form and answer interview questions. Gauge the risk is precisely what we do. From a maid's risk profile, we conduct targeted background investigations – all to minimise the risks. We are the first agency to visit maids' addresses, call their past employers and even google them.

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Comprehensive Training. Crunched. Practical. Free. First.

Before, the only choice for maid training was TESDA. The curriculum was dragged-out. Or, agencies held in-house trainings. But the programs were unstructured, unguided. When employers needed to hone their maids' competencies, they did it themselves or bought their maids a manual. The manual is in English. identified the essential competencies every maid must possess. We profiled the ideal every maid must become. These we materialised with our Training Manual. Extensive research was key. Our training program turned out to be the most comprehensive. We are the first maid agency to train maids how to do Heimlich manoeuvre, first aids and other esoteric skills essential to the specialised readiness expected of maids. Understandability was imperative. crunched more than 74 essential skills into a 68-paged practical, direct-to-the-point manual – the first maid manual in Filipino language.

Best of all, we give our Training Manual out to clients for free.

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Reach Out to Employers. First.

The regime of laws governing maids is unique, a class of its own. For instance, maids' maximum working hours and their SSS, PhilHealth and Pag-IBIG deductions are unusual. created order out of the bewildering provisions of the law. All the law's requirements are laid out on a simple, digestible guide. All imaginable scenarios are addressed – from the right to inspect maid's cellphone to the computation of absence deductions. For the first time, employers no longer have to worry whether their decision complies with the law. All they have to do is refer to the guide we give at deployment.

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Psychological Testing. First. Yet Again. yet again pushed the envelope on maid provision. is proud to be the first maid agency to subject its maids to psychological testing. The test is expertly provided by doctors at the Manila Doctors Hospital.

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Leader. Others follow.




We continue pushing the limit of of what’s possible in maid service. We’ll do it until we ran out of ideas. And even then, we hire new professionals to bring in fresh ideas. Then hire again, and again, and again... until it’s the professionals who ran out. Let’s see which run out first :)

Our core team comprises highly educated professionals. They’re the ones keeping our position on top, and the mavericks responsible for breaching the limits of standards. The market can rest assured that our team will continue the tradition of shaking up the competition and adding ever-needed value to clients.