Whether you are hiring your house helper from the maid agency or not, there are several ways to determine if the person in front of you is the right one or not. If you cannot decide if you should hire the person or not, you may resort to face reading (although you should not base the decision to hire on this solely). 

For centuries, the Chinese believe that an individual's facial features may reveal hidden truths about his or her personality. Our face reflects who we are and why we behave, think and act the way we do. It may sound far-fetched alright, but there is no harm in trying. And, for as long as you are not discriminating someone, you are not violating any law. Remember that there are no good or bad features. All our facial features show strengths and weaknesses.

Master Peter So, a Hong Kong-based Feng Shui expert, offers practical information on how to hire a maid. There are three factors to look at such as the face, eyes, and nose. Understand the features and you'd understand the person behind such a face. Again, treat of this as a guide, not a rule.


If possible, choose a round-faced maid. A person with a round face is more likely to stay at home. She also gets along with people very well regardless of their personality. That includes the kids. In short, para sa kanya, walang masamang tinapay. She believes that every person is good. On the contrary, a person with pointy chin or long face loves to gadder. She cannot bear the thought of staying at home all day taking care of the kids or doing chores. Thus, she won't get used to being a maid, which means you'd need to find a replacement in as short as three months.


When hiring a Filipina maid, pick the one with big eyes and eyeballs. People with big eyes are honest, kind, sympathetic, and upright. Most importantly, they have no disgraceful intents. Thus, she won't hold any grudge against you and she will protect your kids as well as your household to the best of her abilities. This does not mean you cannot hire a person with small eyes and eyeballs. You can. However, the person appears to be quiet and harmless and tends to be secretive. She keeps her complaints and discontents to herself. The bad thing is they manifest such discontent to others and this may be your child being maltreated in the long run.


While interviewing the maid, look at her nose. Filipinas are naturally pango (snub-nosed). That's a good thing though because people with low nose bridge are hard-working and easy-going. Thus, the maid will be able to handle criticisms well. She is not peevish as well. Oppositely, people with tall nose bridge are intolerant. They think of themselves highly. As such, the maid may get upset easily, and this might encourage her to leave the job abruptly.

Again, these are just a guide. It's a way to look at hiring a maid in the Philippines from a different perspective. If all else fails, trust your guts. You'd know when a person is being honest with you and when she is just faking it. You will know if you find the right one or if you have to look elsewhere.