The Filipinos are hardworking people. That's why local and foreign employers often prefer a Filipina maid over maids from other countries. Not only that, the maids are also generally respectful and they present themselves well especially in the public. Nonetheless, some households are still skeptical whether hiring a maid is all worth it or not. This is more so in this time and age when every peso you spend is as important as earning it.

The need to hire a Filipina maid

… Because maids can do better than us

Definitely, the majority of us is capable of doing basic home cleaning. We can tackle just any minor or major cleanup task. However, maids are professionals. This means they can normally produce the results that you may not necessarily achieve doing home cleaning on your own, for instance. People resort to hiring helpers around the house not because it is the convenient route. They do so because there is value in commissioning the help of other people may she be a Filipina or not.

… Because maids offer us a different perspective

Since our homes are our sanctuary, there are instances when we fail to notice those little things that should be noticed in the first place. When someone visits our house, the very first thing they'll see are the cobwebs in the corner or the dingy curtains. That's when you realized that you haven't really cleaned the house in about two months ago. A downright embarrassing encounter! Maids are there to give us an extra hand as well as a fresh pair of eyes to see which needs cleaning now and how.

… Because maids can do what we can't

Definitely, those households that earn higher incomes would have no qualms in hiring a maid. The fact is, nowadays, maid agencies are deploying maids to middle-income earners. These are the people who work several hours a week and who may benefit from having an in-house or live-out maid. And, yes, these are the people who would want to keep their houses as squeaky clean and organized as possible but do not have the spare energy and time to devote to dusting.

… Because maids are our best ally to protect our investments

It's not just all about dusting, but also extending the lifespan of everything that can be found inside our houses. This could be the biggest benefit of hiring maids. Thus, all the dusting, sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming go a long way. Eventually, it also means saving money in the future. The need to refinish the floor, reupholster furniture, replace carpet, and repaint walls can be minimized, and so does the money needed to pay for these services.

… Because maids allow us to enjoy simple life pleasures

Some skeptics would say having a maid is just a luxury more than a necessity. If this is the case then, this luxury has a practical side into it. For the working people, free time is becoming more of a commodity. Free time, as our grandparents and parents know it, becomes scarcer by the day. While you may have to pay for the maid's hours of work, this reasonable fee would result in more free time for you. Thus, these employers are more than willing to play ball.

In sum, if you don't have the energy and time but you have to money to spare for someone who can help you do some cleaning, you might as well hire a Filipina maid. Maids are so valuable they shouldn't be perceived as a luxury, but as a necessity that allows you – the employer – to do the things you like during your free time. So, yes, hiring a maid is all worth it!