If you’re looking for some maid to help you out at home, be sure to know the following so that you will not have any problems when employing one.

1. Age · Before anything else, think of what you need. Do you need a young maid who is jolly and energetic so that you are sure that they clean the house daily? Or an older maid who slowly but surely checks that everything is A-okay. Age doesn’t really matter, it’s the experience that you must know. Usually older maids have more experience when it comes to household chores. But don’t cut out younger maids just yet. Being older doesn’t really mean better or will do a better job. Older maids usually have less energy. With that, they get tired faster. Younger maids are sometimes moody or lazy. So try to think and balance out your preferred age.

2. Location · I hear that maids from the provinces are more responsible and hardworking than those in the city. But those in the city are more familiar with the modernized way of living and handling various machines when doing the household chores. Maids who came from the province are also said to be good in cooking since they are usually taught by their parents the authentic Filipino cuisines.

3. Appearance · This doesn’t really matter to a majority of employers. But if you care for this then sure, make it a factor in choosing a maid.

4. Hygiene · This is one important factor. Of course if you expect them to clean your house and take care of your family, they should be clean themselves. Make sure they don’t have any excessive body odor, they always brush their teeth and take a bath.

5. Body Build · If you think that this is also important, then add it on your list. Be sure to ask if you can get the body build of the maid that you want. May it be thin, bulky, or something else.

6. Civil Status · Some people think that this should be considered too. Other people wants a maid who is single or doesn’t have any children. Probably so that they won’t be worrying about their family when they are at work.

7. Clearance Papers · Make sure to have the new and/or updated clearance papers of the maid. Some of which are NBI Clearance, Medical Certificate, Police Clearance, and Birth Certificate. This is to make sure that the maid that you are employing doesn’t have any illness which might burden you in the long run or lawsuits or legal cases that will give you more problem that you may already have.

So there you have it, when you are looking for some help with regards to your household or children, these may be the things that you need to know.