There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither.
— Alan Cohen

We've already discussed the proper way to schedule the housemaid's day off. The question now is – what if the maid doesn't want a day off? What if she wants to stay at home and do her work as usual? 

On one hand, it could be an advantage for you since she'll be able to do the chores that you'll be doing instead if she's not home. On the other hand, there are consequences to working non-stop everyday, performance-wise.

Your staffers may have their own reasons they don't want to use their days off. But, here's why you should encourage them to rest and go somewhere else during their rest days.

1) Efficiency at work

Come to think of it – even you require a “break” from your work from time to time. All you need is a change of environment to recharge, right? The same is applicable to the househelpers. 

Physical exhaustion will only lead to stress, depression, burnout or fatigue. There are no real benefits that the household and its members will realize if any of these is present. 

Further, it is always a way to 'miss' her work. She would feel recharged. She'll be excited to go back. And, she would feel ready to do what she needed to do.

2) Balance is key

Resting is equally important as working hard. Thus, when they insist on doing their tasks on their supposed rest day, remind them of the need to have some R&R (rest and recreation). This is critical for the person's physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. 

Suggest some ideas on they can spend their days off if you want. In time, she'll learn to appreciate that you value her and her contributions, knowing that her welfare and wellbeing are one of your concerns, too.

A word of caution

It can be extra challenging if the maid has no relatives or friends near your place. Hence, she would not be as eager to leave your place as other maids would be. This shouldn't be an excuse, though.

As her employer, it is your responsibility to encourage her to go out, see her relatives or friends and enjoy her day off. If she wants to go home at night because she has no place to stay for the night, then so be it. 

With that said, it is important to be flexible. If she wants to work during this week's day off and spend two days off the following week, consider the request. Reasonably, it is her way of maximizing her rest days more so when she needs to travel far.

During her rest days, all you can do is to suggest. However, you should let her decide whatever she wants to do on these days. After all, it is her rest day. 

Just remind her that she's still under your care hence, her activities must not endanger her and the entire household. Discipline and safety must not be compromised. 

If she said, she'll go home by 10pm, she should be at your place by 10pm, that is if she's going home. Even if she's not staying for the night, she should be at your place at the time she said she would be.

All in all, never let her work two weeks straight without taking at least one day off. Rest is very important. Hence, when a maid insists on skipping her day off, don't let her. Instead, remind her of the value of resting and why she actually needs it.