People nowadays are so busy with work or in making a living that they don’t have time for themselves nor their family. It’s a sad reality. For some, they are unable to give attention to their offspring because they give more attention to their gadgets.

Modern families resort to having a yaya or helper for their sons or daughters. Some families go to malls together but they no longer carry their own child around. Instead, their yaya does all the duties that a typical mom does. I am not the person to say that their child may grow up differently or unplanned which may result to being rebel or who will always keep distance from their parents. This is due to the lack of attention and care given by the parents.

Hence, a maid or yaya is a necessity especially for middle and higher class families that doesn’t have enough time on their hands to handle their kids and household chores on their own. Hiring a maid isn’t necessarily a bad thing as long as at the end of the day, you can spend an ample amount of time for your loved ones. Getting one just lightens up the load of responsibilities that you are tasked to do. Maids are really a big help when it comes to household chores. Just make sure that you are hiring a suitable one for your household needs. Always make sure to check their clearances such as NBI Clearance, Police Clearance, and Medical Certificates.

Maids are usually picky nowadays. They want to work at homes that will give less stress and avoid being overworked. And of course, with a hefty pay in cash. You should also be cautious in choosing them. If they are picky when it comes to their employers, you should be twice as picky because your family’s well-being is on the line. The people close to you will be vulnerable as well as your properties. Well, we’re not generalizing the maid career here because there are others who are honest when it comes to their work. As the old saying goes: “It’s better to be safe than sorry.”

During the first days of work, your maid may show dedication and honesty, but for some it may decline overtime especially if they are starting to hate the work environment there. You should observe their movements from time to time, though that may be hard to do since the reason why you hired a maid is that you need someone to be around the house and look after your children. Installing some CCTV may be of help too. Since it would be the eagle eye in your house that when something is missing, you can easily rely on the CCTV and check how it went missing.

When you hire a maid, make sure that you also treat them right. They’re still human beings after all who are also only making a living. Be sure to give them a proper place to rest and enough meals to give them energy. Because I’m sure you don’t want an unhealthy and sickly maid to take care of you and your family. Be sure to give them their rightful day offs too since they will also be longing for their family. Do not be too harsh on them especially if they are the ones who are cooking your food.

Maids who came from the provinces are more known to be dedicated and helpful when it comes to taking care of the household. Since they grow up taking care of their families and being close to everyone they love and care about. Most of the maids from the province are young. It may be perhaps they want to work in the City to earn enough to continue or start their studies or give to their family back in the provinces. These maids are hardworking since they leave their family behind to serve another family that is not their own.