So why Pinoys do makes a good nanny or “yaya”?  Maybe because of Filipino traits and culture we had. In our country, sometimes it’s already a necessity to have a Yaya in our own house because of work and school loads.

Have you experienced having a Yaya when you were younger? How do you feel about it? Do you feel easy and relaxed? How about treatment? Did you treat them well? Or did they treat you well?

Most of our countrymen, even people abroad loves to hire Yayas, Nannies or Maid came from Philippines. Maybe the traits of Filipinos captured the hearts of other countries because we are global – global in a sense that the most significant traits are being hard-working and family oriented.

We have to know that our yaya and maids, some of them have families already – to help them and to send their children to school.  Just like any other parents, they want better education and future for their kids. Most yayas and maids are family oriented to their clients it’s because they have families as well. Sacrificing their time just to have a better life of their own.

Below are some traits of Yaya or maids that you possibly think of:

  1. Hardworking – we will not hire who isn’t, right?
  2. Helpful – we are also talking about personal approach
  3. Respectful – this starts at our home
  4.  Well-mannered – this starts with home on how we treat others
  5. Trust-worthy – the number on trait when thinking of getting a yaya or maid

Now, it is in your hands to choose what makes a perfect yaya or maid for your family.