In most instances, hiring a maid is the only solution should you no longer able to handle all the household chores and other equally burdensome tasks in your home. The majority of the people we know relies on recommendations in finding a trustworthy maid. However, more and more people are now tapping into the potential of hiring a house helper through a maid agency because it is utterly convenient to do so. Convenience is just of the many reasons; the others are below.

1) Variety

Unlike going through each recommendation, maid agencies usually provide choices of maids to choose your prospects from. Maid agencies understand that housekeeping needs vary from one household to another. For instance, you may want a house helper who can also attend to the needs of the elders at home. These agencies hire house helpers from different regions. Some agencies even have representatives who travel to and from various parts of the country to find people who want to work as maids, yayas, cooks, drivers, etc. These agencies also receive applications on a daily basis. 

2) Groundwork

So as not to experience any unfortunate incidents, you must learn how to conduct a background check. This is not only time-consuming but exhausting as well. You need not do this because the maid agency will be the one to conduct the checking. It will secure all the necessary pre-employment documents such as valid government-issued IDs, birth certificate, clearances (barangay, police, court, medical and NBI) and verify the authenticity of such. 

3) Training

Further, do you have hi-tech appliances at home, but you don't have the time to teach your new housekeeper? Don't worry because maid agencies provide in-house training to their roster of applicants may they be experienced or not. Mandatory training involves both lecture and practical. The series of training covers various aspects as cleaning methods, know-how of technologically advanced appliances, behavior and attitude towards employers, personal hygiene, etc. Each participant will be assessed based on their hands-on performance. Only those who passed the exam will be given certifications and be included in the list of deployment-ready house helpers.

4) Rate

Imagine how much money you can save from not needing to call your aunt in the province, asking her when your new yaya will arrive so you can go to work. Agency fees are very reasonable, and the agencies usually require a one-time payment so there would be no need to pay the agency on a monthly basis. The majority of the agencies also provide a free one-time replacement if, in case, there is a mismatch between you and the maid. Under the Kasambahay Law (RA 10361), clients are also entitled to a 75% discount if the agency failed to replace the maid within 30 days. This is more so if the maid leaves the employer without any valid reason or without prior notice. 

5) Assurance

To continue with the above, you need not worry about when your new cook will arrive, for instance. Maid agencies ensure that the house helper will be there on-time on the specified date. Why? Because most agencies escort the helper to the place of the would-be employer. For urgent matters, agencies can also assist you with instant hires. In less than an hour, domestic help will be on its way to find and help you finishing the chores and any tasks on hand. 

6) Legality

Have you heard the story about the maid who refused to a particular job because it is beyond what was agreed beforehand? This will not happen because maid agencies guide prospective employers on their rights and obligations as well as the rights and obligations of the maids under the Kasambahay Law. Some agencies even provide an employment contract to prove that the relationship is legally binding. You simply need to fill out the required fields with your preferences and sign the contract. You also have the choice to have the contract notarized or not. 

Finding another yaya, for instance, after the previous left you hanging is serious. Not to mention, it will test your patience and take much of your time and energy. Spare yourself of the difficulties of jumping from yaya to yaya. Maid agencies can do all the 'dirty' works for you. Perhaps, this is the biggest reason why it is more convenient to hire a maid, yaya or cook through a maid agency than to sift through the pile of applicant resumes. It is downright convenient and more!