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Medical & Psychological Screening, NBI, Police clearances and beyond

More than the legal requirements

Not only do we require our maids to get all the documents. We make sure they can do the job, they won't do you wrong and they stay long.

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Risk-based background investigation.png

Risk-based background investigation

The responsive approach

We visit maids' addresses, call their past employers, google them... You canʼt imagine the pains we go through just to ensure your safety.

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Comprehensive training.png

Comprehensive training

Not your ordinary one

From dinner-serving to Heimlich Manoeuvre, we teach all the critical stuff. Not thru boring lectures, we get their hands dirty.

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Optimized contract.png

Optimised employment contract

Your legal obligations compiled, household employment issues answered, legal burdens minimised; All that in a language you can understand.

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3-step recruitment process

Our maids must first (1) pass our 6 standards, then (2) clear a background investigation and (3) complete a training. So you'll be happy and safe.

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